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Rare beauty, rich tradition.


Rose & Crown is small group of artisans who specialise in Art Deco inspired jewellery. Our handcrafted pieces range from bespoke engagement and wedding rings to custom earrings. Jewellery that is made with love, given with love, and worn with love.

The Rose & Crown workshop can be found on High Street in Northcote. Here, our goldsmiths tinker away, employing traditional techniques of the early twentieth century – with a modern twist.


Terry Cockrem, Master Jeweller


Terry Cockrem is a young gentleman of the old world. A craftsman known for creating pieces of exceptional beauty and quality. Unconcerned with popular culture, Terry is inspired by the Art Deco aesthetic and produces a trademark geometric style that is recognised throughout Australia.

Terry is a rare breed of jeweller who can create entire pieces, from the very first sketch to the final setting. The result is a delicate piece, meticulously crafted to be admired from every angle.